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Jonathan "JJ" Sharpe

Jonathan or (JJ) as he is known to his friends began
performing at a very early age by learning the piano
and was playing by the age of five. He would
perform in church talent shows and various recitals.

Around the age of eight, Jonathan learned to play the
bass guitar and by the age of ten he was playing
with a local gospel group "The Gospel Messengers".
Around the age of thirteen he joined his school band
where he played Trombone.

At the age of fifteen Jonathan was intrigued with the
guitar and being home-schooled through his high
school years, he had a lot of spare time to practice and
learn new instruments. During those years he taught
himself to play drums.


He then married the love of his life at age twenty and she fully
supports him in his music endeavors.

During this period he still had a lingering interest in learning more
on the guitar. With the help and guidance of local musicians & family
friends he learned to play rhythm and lead guitar where he began to
create his own style and tone. He went on to play with several local
bands including: Bad Habit, Crossfire and Bootleg and performed
along the East Coast with The Overtime Band.

Continuing to learn more he continues to work on learning the
mandolin, fiddle, dobro and other various instruments.


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